Garioch Roadrunners have an accredited Coaching Team.  They provide planned and varied training sessions every week for runners to maintain and improve fitness, speed and endurance.

Sessions focus on different aspects of running – short, medium, long repetitions and hill repetitions – on a variety of surfaces.  Each session is tailored so all runners can participate, irrespective of their ability, with individual support provided where required by coaches. 

The Team is made up of the following:

Phil Owens – UKA Coaching Assistant, Coach in Running Fitness, UKA Event Group

Gordon Orr – UKA Coaching Assistant

Ron Epton – Jog Leader, UKA Coaching Assistant

Kev Stephen – UKA Coach in Running Fitness

Jonathan Fleetham – Jog Leader

Daisy Summersgill – Jog Leader

Fiona Kennedy – Jog Leader

Training sessions are planned and set on a quarterly basis – mainly taking place in the Inverurie area.  This information is updated on the Club website diary.

Fuller details of weekly sessions are published on the club Facebook page prior to the session.

Interval times are regularly recorded to allow individuals to see their improvements over the months.  These times allow the Coaching Team to also guide you, if you wish, as to what times can be achieved at specific races from 5km through to Marathon!  This may give you the confidence to go for the PB based on your Thursday sessions!

If you have not tried a “Speed” or “Intervals” Session before please come along and give it a try – it’s good fun!