Coaching and Mentoring in Garioch Roadrunners aims to provide a structured delivery of athletic coaching that is geared towards the broad range of running type events that are undertaken by the club membership.

Key delivery is primarily by way of:

  • Structured programs of training sessions that are underpinned by the use of Scottish Athletics guidance on dynamic warm-up, main sessions covering speed, strength and endurance, cool down and static stretching.
  • Use of timed sessions that recognise current capabilities along with measurement of development and feedback on same.
  • A coaching team with the breadth of knowledge and experience to provide both group and individual advice on training, training plans and goal-setting.

The Coaching and Mentoring Team are hopefully already well known to all. The make up of the team includes individuals who are licensed UKA Scottish Athletics coaches together with leaders and mentors who have run the miles, felt the pain, experienced the highs and the lows and whose passion and enthusiasm for our sport has never dimmed. Therefore if there's anything that you would like to raise or discuss then contact any one of the team:

Neil Murray

Phil Owens

Bruce Taylor

Rod Macinnes