Each year, Garioch Roadrunners runs a Club Championship.  To compete in the championship, members have to complete 5 races in total, made up of 4 road races and 1 hill race. Prizes are awarded to the male and female runners achieving the best cumulative handicap times over the 5 races.

If you want to compete in the Championship, there's more information below.  You can find up-to-date information for Club Championship races on the events calender at the bottom of the homepage and in the Run Diary (under "Running" above). There's also a summary here

Club Championship Rules

1.  The championship is composed of 5 races, made up of 4 road and 1 hill.

2.  The races have been divided into categories, which are Short Road (5k or less); Medium Road (10 miles or less); Long Road (half marathon) and Hill (varying distances).

3.  Competitors must complete at least one race in the Short Road, Long Road and Hill categories and two races in the Medium Road category.

4.  There are specific races for each category - you can only score points by competing in races listed in the relevant categories (these are all local races).

5.  The scoring for each competitor is handicapped using the WAVA age grading system which adjusts time for age and gender.

6.  Competitors can enter as many races as they like - only their best performance from the Short Road, Long Road and Hill categories and their two best performances from the Medium Road will count towards their overall score.

7.  The hill races have been handicapped using a system called 'equivalent distance', so you are given credit for the metres of ascent in the race.  This means there's no benefit or drawback to entering a hill race with lots of ascent.

Last year's winners!

Congratulations to Marie Baxter and Davie Barclay, who were club championship winners in 2016.